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Established in 2020 by Uwe Goldenstein
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Radu Belcin. Flowing Memories
Edited by Uwe Goldenstein & Martin Dyma
Hardcover, 168 pages, English
Texts by Demetrio Paparoni, Petr Vanous, Lucia Rossi, Uwe Goldenstein
Publishing date: May 2, 2023
Condatt Matt 170 gr. | 1300 gr. | 310 x 250 x 22 mm
ISBN 978-3-00-074463-1
42,00 €
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Novelle von Uwe Goldenstein
Selected Artists Edition, 2023
Softcover, 86 Seiten, deutsch
ISBN 978-3-9825403-0-6
11,00 € + Versand: 1,60 (D) | 3,70 (world)
Erscheinungsdatum: 19. Juni 2023

Flavia Pitis. Subtle Truth
Edited by Uwe Goldenstein & Martin Dyma
Hardcover, 168 pages, English
Texts by Lucia Rossi & Petr Vanous
Publishing date: January 2024
ISBN 978-3-9825403-1-3
42,00 €

Preparing for Darkness
A New Movement in Contemporary Painting, Vol. 2
Editor: Uwe Goldenstein
Publishing date: 2024/25

Nicola Samorì
Monograph Catalogue
Edited by Uwe Goldenstein & Lucia Rossi
In collaboration with Zian Gallery, Hangzhou
Publishing date: 2024/25

Preparing for Darkness
A New Movement in Contemporary Painting
Editor: Uwe Goldenstein

Texts by Uwe Goldenstein, Lucia Rossi, Antonio M. Coppola, Martin Deppner, Philippe Rey
212 pages, linen hardcover. English / German
Featuring the oeuvre of Nicola Samorì, Teodora Axente and Radu Belcin
Including works by Inna Artemova, Daniel Behrendt, Adam Bota, Alin Bozbiciu, Adrian Ghenie, Simone Haack, Maurizio L'Altrella, Daniel Pitín, Flavia Pitis, Sergiu Toma, Richard Wathen, Matthias Weischer

Art Direction: Uwe Goldenstein | Graphic Design: Uwe Goldenstein, Juha Richter (Uhura Digital)
Weight: 1700 gr. | 310 x 250 x 28 mm | Paper: Luxo Art Samtoffset 170 g/qm
ISBN 978-3-00-066995-8

89,00 €
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Also available at Selected Artists, Choriner Strasse 49, 10435 Berlin (by appointment)

“It’s time for a divorce. A divorce from a type of contemporary painting that seems suspended in eternal post-modernity; one that, through a marked lack of painterly skill, can’t seem to reference anything but itself. This state of modern art can be experienced as a “pluriverse” of styles, citations, and allusions without a semblance of internal coherence. (…) With this publication, I would like to pose a counter concept. The 15 selected European painters, all born in the 1970s and 80s, stand as examples of a generation marked by an exceptional intellectual approach to artistic practices. The resulting profound examination of art history, paired with extraordinary artistic skill, can be seen as veritable and imminent, as they each, through their own unique style, offer a real, pictorially comprehensible and perceptible dialogue between past art and their own inscribed emotional world. What unites them is a resurrection of melancholy, which returns to highlight the magical in a viewing experience. In that sense, my chosen metaphor “Preparing for Darkness” is meant to describe both melancholy and status quo, uniting these 15 artists, as unique as they are, into a new movement in contemporary art.”

Uwe Goldenstein

Review by Julien Delagrange, Contemporary Art Issue

Since the new millennium, a new generation of artists – born after 1970 – have been obtaining a similar tendency in their artistic practices. Marked by a figurative pictorial language, these separate actors follow their creative urges and incentives resulting in a body of works reflecting todays Zeitgeist. A bounding factor, beside the figurative visual language, is the darker edge and atmosphere externalizing the existential weight and status quaestionis of contemporary life.

The emergence and manifestation of this recent art historic phenomenon hasn't occurred without going unnoticed. Uwe Goldenstein – author, curator, collector and gallery owner – has been fascinated by this tendency in contemporary painting for over twenty years, following its development closely and participating as a key figure in this exciting and ongoing art historical debate. Recently, Goldenstein has compiled his 20-year research journey, sharing his vision and unparalleled expertise on the matter, postulating a new movement in painting with the publication Preparing for Darkness (2020).

One of the main protagonists of this publication – and by extent of this new wave in painting – is the Italian master Nicola Samorì (b. 1977). Featured alongside the likes of Teodora Axente (b. 1984), Radu Belcin (1978), Adrian Ghenie (b. 1977) or Matthias Weischer (b. 1973), the importance of Samorì is reflected in his presence in the catalogue in question, resulting in an elaborate and exhilarating interview with Lucia Rossi as one of the many highlights.

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