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Established in 2010 by Uwe Goldenstein

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Since 2010, art dealer, curator, collector and author Uwe Goldenstein has shown his selection of Berlin-based and European artists in galleries, museums, institutions in Germany, Denmark, Turkey, Switzerland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Hungary. Before establishing Selected Artists in 2010 the art historian Uwe Goldenstein worked as a researcher for the Rockefeller Foundation in New York and The Imperial War Museum in London. He has also worked as a lecturer, journalist, and author specialising in contemporary art.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS - Curated by Uwe Goldenstein

"Preparing For Darkness, Vol. 3" - Kühlhaus Berlin, Gallery Weekend Berlin 2019
With Nicola Samorì, Teodora Axente, Radu Belcin and others

"Immanence" - with Adam Magyar, Heiner Altmeppen, Juan Béjar, Gregor Gaida
Daniel Behrendt, Sergii Chaika and others. Pictura Groningen (NL), April 2017

"What A Wonderful Life" - here: Radu Belcin, Nicola Samorì
Alexander Tinei, Nikolai Makarov. Galerie Artdocks, Bremen, 2015

"Night On Earth" - here: Aron Demetz & Attila Szűcs
Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, 2015. With Nicola Samorì, Adam Magyar
Heiner Altmeppen, Adam Bota, Radu Belcin & more

"Night On Earth" - speech by Uwe Goldenstein (with Heiner Altmeppen)

underworld panorama view
"Underworld" - Adam Magyar. Works from series "Urban Flow",
"Stainless" and world wide 1st presentation of the "Stainless" video
Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, 2011

"LOST" - Alexander Tinei, Adam Bota & others
Galerie im Park, Bremen, 2011. 1st presentation of Tinei's work "Uncle J" (above)
published in Suzanne Hudson, "Painting Now", Thames & Hudson 2015

"Technology Won't Save Us" - 12th Istanbul Biennial 2011, Art Suites Gallery
1st presentation of the work "Fire" by Simone Haack (above) published in
Charlotte Mullins, "Picturing People", Thames & Hudson 2015