the vision,2alfs in a tree,c-print,ed of 8,40x60cm
The Vision, Two Alfs in a Tree, 2012, diasec

Liebkranz Galerie Berlin, Auguststrasse 62
September 7 - November 3 2012

Gábor A. Nagy
Juan Béjar
Adam Bota
Rudy Cremonini
Enda O'Donoghue
Adam Magyar
Stepanek & Maslin
Steffi Stangl
The Vision

Curated by Uwe Goldenstein

Exhibition view / Ausstellungstext auf Deutsch

Breaking God's Heart - Exhibition view

The artists involved in this show seem to turn to the world's creator in order to vehemently defend their free terrain of visionary concentration. In their own way, they are attempting to retreat back towards what was once a consummate, holistic, and mystical existence. Indeed, at some point one pauses to behold the world, confronted with that titanic contribution of humanity: the total transition of the world into a thoroughly digitalized parallel reality. Not even man's creator himself could have predicted it. That continued path into the most artificial of worlds would sink even the heart of the Maker. In contrast, this show relocates authentic experience to the redemptive shores of an island called artistic immanence. The artists of Breaking God's Heart tread the boundaries of what is aesthetically possible: they are armed and ready to look any kind of God/Master in the eye, by propagating a magical, transmodern pantheism with maximum intensity, emotion and concentration.

Uwe Goldenstein