Alexander Zakharov   *1960 Moskow. Lives in Berlin

available works

zakarov,donbas1,detai,oil on canvas
Adam & Eve (detail), 2011, oil on wood, 9x24cm

Series Golden Landscape: The Little Humpbacked Horse, 2016, 10,5 x 22,6cm
oil and engraving in gold on wood

Gnaphosidae (Glattbauchspinne), 2012, oil on wood, 11x15cm

Stick Insect  2012, oil on wood, 10x15sm.
Extatosoma tiaratum (Gespenstschrecke), 2012, oil on wood, 11x15cm

The Looker 2011 oil on wood. 7,5x29sm.
The Looker, 2011, oil on wood, 7,5x29cm

The Fall 2008, oil on wood, 15x20sm.
The Fall, 2008, oil on wood, 15x20cm

Hide and Seek  2008, oil on wood, 15x21sm.
Hide and Seek, 2008, oil on wood, 15x21cm

Noon ( Elephant)
Noon, 2015, acrylic on paper on gesso mounted on wood, 150x200cm

The evening ( Bear)
The Evening, 2015, acrylic on paper on gesso mounted on wood, 150x200cm

Museum Collections (selection)

Pushkin State Museum, Moscow
The Fogg Museum of Art, Havard University, Cambridge (MA)
The Portland Museum of Art, Oregan
State Museum of Art, Nizhny Novgorod

Private Collections (selection)

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Sir Otto Bismark
David Bowie
Nicholas Cage
Norton & Nancy Dodge
Whoopi Goldberg
Howard Gold
Alexander Lev
Oliver Stone
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