Berlin Selected Artists (BSA)
Director: Uwe Goldenstein
Established in 2010

Choriner Strasse 49
10435 Berlin, Germany

metro station: U2 Senefelder Platz (Prenzlauer Berg)
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by appointment:

+49(0)176.965 27 308

Since 2010 curator and gallerist Uwe Goldenstein shows his selection of Berlin-based and European artists in galleries, museums, institutions and art fairs in Germany, Denmark, Turkey, Switzerland and Hungary. Before establishing BSA in 2010, art historian Uwe Goldenstein made researches for Rockefeller Foundation, New York, Imperial War Museum, London and was working as a lecturer, journalist and author for contemporary art. Since 2011 Goldenstein (*1971) starts to build up the "BSA Collection" with works by Nicola Samorì, Rudy Cremonini, Adam Bota and other mainly European painters from his own generation.

BSA exhibition "Night On Earth" - here: Aron Demetz & Attila Szuecs
Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, 2015. With Nicola Samorì, Adam Magyar & others

underworld panorama view
BSA exhibition "Underworld" - Adam Magyar
Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, 2011

BSA exhibition "LOST" - Alexander Tinei, Adam Bota, Gábor A. Nagy
Franziska Klotz, Jens Thiele, Anne Wölk. Galerie im Park, Bremen, 2011

BSA exhibition "Technology Won't Save Us" - 12th Istanbul Biennial
2011, Art Suites Gallery (works by Adam Bota)

staatspräsident mit kurator
Hungarian President Pál Schmitt visits "Young European Landscape", CHB
(with Uwe Goldenstein)

In Trance
BSA exhibition "In Trance", Schafhof Freising, September 2013
(Rudy Cremonini, Adam Bota)

Gábor A. Nagys solo show at Galerie Artdocks, Bremen, Feb 2015

Collectors from Paris (Galerie Dukan) are visiting BSA

The subtle works of the BSA artists come to oppose a purely affirmative present, which — akin to an artificial ecstasy — endlessly reproduces itself and, owing to an ahistorical, thoroughly digitalised structure, vehemently curtails or indeed eliminates time for reflection, contemplation and rest. In this context, BSA presents a highly topical projection surface, a space for withdrawal and recollection, dedicated to slowness and contemplation, to weightlessness and secretive moments. It is particularly addressed to a younger generation, which — exactly like the BSA artists — is driven by an urgent desire for withdrawal, and consciously seeks salvation in complexly layered, oftentimes surreal spaces, that offer an escape from a thoroughly rationalised, linear reality. BSA: a mild form of trance, a highly relevant parallel world, a quiet, subtle appeal to detachment and metaphysical flotation. U.G.